My Three Words for 2014

Saying goodbye to one year and welcoming another is something I look forward to each year. It’s guaranteed time set aside to reflect and map a direction for the 365 days ahead. I’ve been doing this in one way or another since my early 20s when I realized that spending uninterrupted time thinking about where I want to go and writing it down gets me much closer to that place or somewhere much better. If you haven't done this, I highly recommend you try it. It was recommended to me during a time when I was perplexed by all sorts of things (#20somethingprobs), and the simple act of clearing my head onto paper and giving it some direction solved a lot more than I thought it would.
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Real-Time and Interactive DIY Halloween Costume: Marketing Buzzwords

With a passionate subject like marketing buzzwords, I had to "engage" all of my awesome marketing communication friends by "crowdsourcing" the most loathed buzzwords on Facebook and Twitter. My pals did not disappoint. Within minutes I was armed with all the "contextually relevant content" I needed to make my costume in "real-time". Thanks to all of you who weighed in. Oh yeah, I'm "interactive." The duct tape wasn't a "set it and forget it" costume component. It stays with me all day in case you see me and need to add a word.
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Pop Culture Roundtable | WCCO Radio

I did my first live radio show yesterday on Roshini Rajkumar's WCCO Radio News + Views program (Sundays 12-3). I joined two other fabulous women, Dr. Marcia Alesan Dawkins, author of "Eminem: The Real Slim Shady" and communications professor at USC Annenberg, and Mpls-St. Paul Magazine Senior Editor Stephanie Ash for a pop culture roundtable. We had a great conversation and a lot of fun.
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Fred Armisen on Building Your Own Thing

Fred Armisen and Lisa Grimm
A young woman asked advice on behalf of her husband who lives in a rural area and has high hopes of breaking into comedy, but because he's not near Second City or a well-known comedy shop is struggling. Fred said, "Tell him to stop thinking about what already exists. Invent something else; make your own thing." While totally unrelated to me, his answer resonated with me and reminded me of some very important things I try to carry with me daily.
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Google’s Lead Innovationist and Waze’s Head of Business Development on #SocialCommerce (SXSW Interactive Notes Vol. 2)

Jeben Berg
“Consumer expectations are off the charts due to the radical pace of technology and consumer access to it.” While we may have sophisticated hardware like iPhones, Androids and tablets to access whatever we want whenever we want, the software (websites, apps and experiences) is not always equally as sophisticated. He used Waze’s ability to lead him to cheaper gas prices as a prime example of the utility and immediacy it provides, which is not standard for most technology today, but yet many of us expect it because of the easy access we have to the hardware.
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Visual Voice: Branding on Photo Networks (SXSW Interactive Notes Vol. 1)

Visual Voice #sxsw
Visual Voice was a fantastic conversation about the proliferation of image-based social networks, like Instagram and Pinterest, and the proven strategies and tactics that connect brands and people to their respective audiences. Panelists Suzanne Schloot of Kate Spade, Natanya Anderson of Whole Foods Market, Pinterest maven and professional photographer, Bonnie Tsang and Jean Schneidnes of Neiman Marcus had a captive audience only frustrated by the fact that our fingers couldn’t move fast enough to capture all of their wisdom and experience. Here's a breakdown by brand/speaker. Enjoy.
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How Brands Should Behave on Social Media During a Tragedy

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 1.30.52 PM
What I've seen from brands today is a great reminder that in this new age of marketing communications, applying the old one-way messaging strategies of yesteryear to modern mediums can have a really negative impact on your brand. In addition, human tragedies and Acts of God are sadly becoming more common occurrences these days, and like crisis communications plans, are something brands need to plan for.
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LinkedIn Invite Etiquette (and beyond): A Few Simple Rules

LisaGrimm_Tweet about LinkedIn
A LinkedIn "connection" is just that, a connection not a contact. There's a difference in language there. Industrial revolution business practices thrived on "contacts." Sure, the top echelon of PR, marketing and sales folks knew the value of building relationships and meaningful connections, but most business disciplines thrived on "contacts," lists, blasts and other one-way, one-sided, talk at you behavioral business tactics.
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