Should You Meth Test Your Property?

February 10, 2017

The topic of meth contamination has received a lot of media attention in recent times resulting in wide spread knowledge about the potential harm it can cause. With decades of experience in property development, Tim Manning states that tenants are increasingly aware of the the hazards meth use bring to a property and the long-lasting effects that arise from it’s presence in homes. Because of this it has become common…


Singular Places To Live In Barcelona

December 23, 2016

Living in the center of Barcelona is a privilege for some and a torture for others. So, unless you’re on holidays and enjoying one of the rental apartments in Barcelona, locals tend to avoid areas of high tourist concentration. Although living in less touristic neighborhoods implies being far from emblematic spots like the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Palace of the Generalitat, the tremendously charming square of San Felipe Neri,…


The Advantages To Be A Real Estate Agent

March 15, 2015

Several opportunities may start for you. Not just does it provide a profession that’s huge potential when it comes to general and income life satisfaction, but being a realtor also has a quantity of additional advantages that’ll not be apparent if you have only gotten your license. It isn’t only the numerous job options which you have that you ought to be considering. Having your license may also end up…